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Lord Of Pagathorn - Daimono Philia

Lord Of Pagathorn - Daimono Philia

Label : Woodcut Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : It's a bit odd that a band formed in 1992 only comes up with their first long player in 2014, but I am rarely surprised these days by seemingly unlikely situations. Now Lord Of Pagathorn releases their second album, called 'Daimono Philia’ within an acceptable period of time. The Finnish black metal still sounds like their earlier work, but is executed way more melodic. Icy vocals, melodic guitar work, a touch of keys and a distinguished bass sound high in the mix are giving 'Daimono Philia' its spot in the crowded black metal scene. On ‘Nekros Philia' Malum made use of instrumental interludes between the songs, but that is not the case now and that is surely better for the flow of this record. The highlight of the album is neatly located in the middle with the nine-minute 'Rise Of The Celestial' with its more atmospheric approach and intimidating chants. ‘Daimono Philia’ was recorded and mixed by Lauri Laaksonen aka L.L, main instrumentalist of Desolate Shrine and the artwork was provided by Roni Ärling, guitarist for Perdition Winds who previously did artwork for bands like Gorephilia, Anal Blasphemy and Malum. An infectious album for most black metal fanatics.

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