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Long Distance Calling - Boundless

Long Distance Calling - Boundless

Label : Inside Out | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : A new Long Distance Calling album. Always nice. And I am completely happy when I notice that only four musicians are depicted on the front cover. Would they have listened to me? Yes, apparently. Because Long Distance Calling is a band without a singer again. Despite Petter Carlsen being a great singer, I was not enthusiastic about his vocal contributions on the latest LDC studio album 'Trips'. It just wasn’t a good match. And before that time, of course, there was Marsen Angler; also a versatile, sympathetic musician but also during that period I was particularly impressed by the instrumental songs of the band: that's just their (main) thing. Apparently they have realized that too, because the new album 'Boundless' is completely instrumental again. So enjoy.

Because that's what the four men from Münster can do best; composing great instrumental songs. The album opens with the long track 'Out There', a song that in terms of sound and structure expressly reverts to the band's earlier work, at the time of 'Avoid The Light'. Even more impressive is the following 'Ascending' with great drum patterns by Janosch Rathmer and nice heavy guitars from the tandem Flo and Dave. For the first time the electronics show up well in the exciting 'In The Clouds' in which, besides heavy guitars, the bass of Jan Hoffman can be heard remarkably well. The first song that does not really impress is 'Like A River', in which I simply do not like the guitars. Seems like western music! I get enthusiastic again from 'On The Verge' with a more than addictive bass(?) line and nice drums. 'Weightless' is also classic LDC material (with beautiful solo from Dave) and 'Sky Divers' closes the album with great intensity. That will be a headbanging song during live performances! Yes, Long Distance Calling is back.

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