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Howlin' Sun - Howlin' Sun

Howlin' Sun - Howlin' Sun

Label : Apollon Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : With the energy of garage rock in the line of MC5, emotion from passionate blues, and very catchy riffs and melody lines from classic rock; this tastes very good! The “walking” bass lines in combination with the Ginger Baker like drums and the sparkling fuzzy guitars could remind of a band like Cream, or more recently; Magnolia. Music like this can be a real treat for me. When a layer of blues rock in the line of Mountain is also added, and the (almost sloppy, but surely very honest) sound reminds me of a band like the underrated British garage rockers Gorilla, things can only get even better. The overall picture seems to be put together in some kind of free-wheeling state of mind, yet it’s been done with so much skilful musicianship; one can certainly hear (and feel) both high technical quality as well as true passion. The final material varies from heavy thundering to laid back rippling, with a gritty and sluggish garage sound, but also psychedelic floating; never a dull moment, always convincing. Some absolutely recommended tracks are: 'Westbound', 'Strange Night', and 'The Day Took My Sunshine Away' and actually also 'Yellow Lit Road', oh well, actually the whole album is very much worth listening, .... and worth buying.

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