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Throneless - Cycles

Throneless - Cycles

Label : Black Blow Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Right from the first notes of ‘Cycles’ it is clear where Throneless gets its inspiration from. From bands such as Conan and Cough and also a bit from Windhand. Throneless, however, mixes the influences in such a way it doesn’t become a clear copy of said influences. Yes, the seasoned listener will know what to expect… heavy stonerish sludge which can be quite vicious at times. It all goes down easily without it being earthshattering. The biggest minus about ‘Cycles’ is the sound. It has alle been recorded at quite a low volume level and at times it comes across as if it is all covered by a blanket. Had that not been the case it would have come across more powerful and heavier that would have done it a world of good. Hopefully this muffled sound is a problem of the promo and not present at the finished product.

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