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Lechery - We Are All Born Evil

Lechery - We Are All Born Evil

Label : Bleeding Music Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Lechery from Sweden releases their third album with 'We Are All Born Evil'. In the reviews of the previous two albums of this heavy metal band we could read that there were good songs on there that only were very similar to each other. Honestly, I do not know those two albums, but on this third album one can draw this conclusion once more, not saying that it is not a good album. After a few spins a few songs stand out in a very positive way. The somewhat faster 'Rule The World' with great melody line is one of them. On this track Lechery shows that they have something more to offer than one might think at first. The following 'Hold On To The Night' is also proof of that when the song suddenly takes a different turn after the first bars. The fast 'Even A Hero Must Die' may also be mentioned. By far the best song with its epic chorus. The musicians are very tight and the production is very well. Singer Martin Begtsson is a real class act. So heavy metal fans should really check this out.

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