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Shadowspawn - Hope Lies Dormant

Shadowspawn - Hope Lies Dormant

Label : Via Nocturna | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Denmark has a reputation to maintain when it comes to thrash metal. The Danes have a very specific sound that sets them apart from German or American thrash metal. Bands like Invocator, Illdisposed, Hatesphere and Konkhra put Denmark on the map as a serious exporting country of thrash metal. Shadowspawn is the next Danish thrash metal band that can be added to this memorable list. Their debut full length album ‘Hope Lies Dormant’, that was released on November 30 last year, was even awarded the title best (Danish metal) album of the year by our colleagues from

Shadowspawn was formed out of the ashes of two Danish death and thrash metal bands, Cinerator and God’s Secret Army, that both released an album in the 1990’s, but never really made their break-through. In 2015 Shadowspawn released their first EP ‘Ashes of Sorrow’ through the American label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. After replacing the complete rhythm section and recruiting a new singer the band worked on their debut full length, and recorded it last year. The album entitled ‘Hope Lies Dormant’ is released through the relatively unknown Polish label Via Nocturna.

The eleven tracks on ‘Hope Lies Dormant’ are a punishing effort by the five Danes. The album is filled with ultra-heavy guitar riffs that are grooving on the rolling basslines and pounding drums. At times the music shows quite remarkable resemblance to the music of their countrymen Konkhra and the title track of the album reminds me a little bit of Amon Amarth with its’ melodic death metal guitar riff. Shadowspawn sounds heavy, groovy and melodic at the same time. Here and there you’ll find some keyboard arrangements to spice up the music, but it never dominates the music. The guttural vocals somehow sound a little bit distorted and are not the strongest asset of the band. But overall ‘Hope Lies Dormant’ is a very solid thrash metal release that will find its’ way to fans of Danish thrash metal for sure.

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