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IDEK - Approaching Storms

IDEK - Approaching Storms

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: CD single

Dennis : About half a year ago I reviewed IDEK’s self-titled debut mini-album and I was pretty impressed by this young experimental and progressive metal talent. The five tracks on the EP sounded great and I hope to hear more from these guys soon. Well good for me, there will be more. On February 2, IDEK will release their new single ‘Approaching Storms’, which will also be the final release with bassist Yaresh Soekhlal in the band, since he wasn’t able to combine two bands and continues his musical endeavors in his other band Mary Fields. The new track ‘Approaching Storms’ shows that the band has really developed as songwriters and as a band. Again, the song is experimental and progressive, yet very groovy and catchy at the same time. Driving drums, a thick wall of guitar riffs and a catchy solo on top of that, clear vocals mixed with screams and grunts and a catchy refrain. With the two polka breaks the band reminds me a little bit of System of a Down without really sounding like them. ‘Approaching Storms’ sounds fresh and promising and the waiting is really for a full length album of these guys. If they continue to develop like this, a full length album will definitely cause a storm in the Dutch music scene. Thinking about this, the new single it really is an approaching storm that we are waiting for in anticipation!

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