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Terra Incognita - Fragments Of A Ruined Mind

Terra Incognita - Fragments Of A Ruined Mind

Label : Symmetric Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Over a year ago already the Greek band Terra Incognita released its EP ‘Signed With Blood’ as a runner-up to this album. So that was a very long run after all, and I have to admit I forgot all about this group by the time this album arrived. So not it is here, the second album ‘Fragments Of A Ruined Mind’. This is the band’s debut with Symmetric Records, the new label of Bob Katsionis (guitarist of Firewind) who also produced this record.

That last thing was a good move, for in comparison with the rather dusty sounding EP, the music of Terra Incognita is transferred to you in its full magnitude because of the crystal-clear sound. The band plays progressively coloured melodic metal, though songs like ‘The Midnight Lies’ put a full heavy metal experience in the middle. You can expect an excellent and versatile album here, jumping back and forth from Iced Earth melancholy, Savatage multilayer-ness and Queensrÿche dramatics, and thoroughly considered lyrics accompanying it. With this album on the resume of the band, quite a few new doors will open for them. So do listen to this record of this rapidly growing and developing band!

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