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Defenestration - Gutter Perdition

Defenestration - Gutter Perdition

Label : Xenokorp | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Elisabeth : A very promising piece of music is presented this month by the French outfit Defenestration with their EP ‘Gutter Perdition’. Xenokorp has taken this relatively young band (founded in 2014) under their wings and with ‘The Militia Series’ they offered the band the opportunity to give their career a little boost. ‘The Militia Series’ have been founded to offer new bands a platform for releasing a single or an EP on a fairly well-known label. An affordable price and limited editions make it even more interesting to purchase the CDs.

But what do we get from Defenestration? That’s simple: very decent death metal inspired by the 90s, with a slightly fresher sound that never seems too experimental with just the right hooks. The songs are well structured and there is clubbing, sawing and roaring in up-tempo and some melody here and there. Very easy to get into! In this case, I am bummed with the fact that we only get five songs. I am looking forward to get my hands on a full length album of this band in the future, because the right potential is clearly there.

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