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Chasing Ghosts - These Hollow Gods

Chasing Ghosts - These Hollow Gods

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : The biggest surprise of this month in my case is without any doubt Chasing Ghosts with their promising debut album ‘These Hollow Gods‘. Because, holy bananas, I´m totally digging this stuff! When Chasing Ghosts was founded back in 2015 by keyboardist / bassist Lee Brueton in England it soon became clear where to pigeonhole the quartet: atmospheric rock that shows parallels with bands like Paradise Lost or the old sound of Anathema. It´s absolutely a must for fans of heavy rock music that touches you deep in the head and the heart.

I am totally impressed with the fact that Chasing Ghosts have succeeded in producing eight songs that are almost all equally strong and that the album doesn´t contain any weak material. They also managed to let the album work great in its entirety, but played separately none of the songs loses strength. Also very important for their unique sound is the memorable voice of singer Nelson Cancini. This man controls such a variety of registers you have to listen very carefully to hear that only one singer is doing all the work. True, you will find some rough edges in the music of Chasing Ghosts, but exactly this allows an authentic and sympathetic sound. We don´t get that kind of spick and span rock you will hear at the big radio stations your mother listens to, but rough and solid rock that hits your soul in the right spot with melancholy, deep emotions and a lot of power. I just want to get more and more of this. Now! Immediately! Is this going to be one of my new favorite bands? Big chance it will be!

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