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Powerstroke - Omissa

Powerstroke - Omissa

Label : Bret Hard Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Belgian outfit Powerstroke is ten years old and with their fifth record delivers one that can put them on the international metal map. On every earlier album you could already hear a lot of progression through the years, but the biggest change came with predecessor 'Done Deal', on which the new singer Bavo Coene made his debut. Clean vocals, roars and grunts, there’s nothing this guy cannot handle.

'Omissa' was made at the cost of a lot of blood, sweat and tears but the result is awesome. Their mix of hardcore, thrash, punk, death metal and even alternative music is now perfected down to the last detail. This begins with the opener 'Earth And Beyond', that starts with a kind of classic male choir after which they unleash all their devils. Furious playing with clean choruses and very heavy riffs. It grabs you by the throat right away and doesn’t let go. Each continues continues to emit the same energy. Blisteringly loud and yet catchy and melodic as fuck. In 'Cannot Change The Time' even the Belgian hip-hop star Slongs Dievanongs shows up for some guest vocals. Do not, however, expect the band to bend the knee is search of more airplay. Powerstroke still does it’s own thing and does not suck up to anyone. But that is hardly necessary with an album like 'Omissa' because this is simply the ultimate in metal.

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