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Mark Deutrom - The Silent Treatment (2000)

Mark Deutrom - The Silent Treatment (2000)

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under different metal

Release type: Re-release

Bart M. : Mark Deutrom is probably best known for his contribution to The Melvins and as co-founder of Alchemy Records, but in 2001 he released his first solo album, 'The Silent Treatment'. Oftimes a solo record means a more sober and modest album than the ones the band from which the artist is known normally releases, and this one is no exception. Luckily, in the wondrous world of metal, rock and experimental music, modest almost never means worse. Mark proves that on this album, which will be re-issued this month. I don't think it's a coincidence that later on in 2018 his sixth solo album will be released.

Whether the re-issue is done from a commercial viewpoint or not isn't exactly relevant because the songs are there and they are great. 'The Silent Treatment' isn't necessarily a heavy album but it's very well constructed. Deutrom is an experienced person in the musical world and this is made evident by the way each and ever song seems to just roll off the assembly line like a piece of cake. And that is quite an art, to make something complicated seem so easy. What Deutrom does here is create atmosphere and ambience and with each and every song he succeeds in this. The main feeling I get from this is one of mellowness, although here and there there's an obvious sensitive note, the highlight of which for me personally is the song 'Candlelight And Wisteria', a lengthy (compared to the other songs), slow, almost spoken song. But this might be because I'm a melancholic romantic. As I said, this is a fairly modest album with a lot of highlights (of course, depending on taste), among which are 'One Thousand Delights' (I mean come on, something is very right if you sing a line like "No one could be going through the universe that is your mind"), 'Coffinmakers Complaint' (because slowly and sneakily it winds its way through your mind), and 'Your Necklace' (very catchy and just as relaxing as certain songs on Tiamat's 'Wildhoney').

There's not a whole lot more to say about this, it's a very decent album and has the ability to set the mood for any occasion, whether it be an evening of sweet love making or a September afternoon in the park.

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