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Listener - Being Empty: Being Filled

Listener - Being Empty: Being Filled

Label : Sounds Of Subterrania | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : While listening to the album 'Being Empty: Being Filled' by this band named Listener, I get to know the phenomenon of 'talk music'. Singer (and bass player) Dan Smith treats the listener on the presentation of a long poem in a more narrative than singing way and that is adorned with some heavy guitars and a solid rhythm section. A rock variant of 'spoken word' therefore. So Listener is the name of a band and this is already their fourth album.

So far the trio has been unable to find the way to a big(ger) audience. And take it from me, that will not happen with 'Being Empty: Being Filled'. It is not easy to digest, the music of Listener. Or maybe it is too easy? As far as I'm concerned it's like this: Dan Smith has written some great stories and tales and then he has thought of not packing them in a book, but in music. And what do you get? Ten songs that are interchangeable and that primarily revolve around the presentation of the lyrics (stories). Yes, there are of course exceptions. For example, 'There's Money In The Walls' is a nice song with nice guitar parts by Jon Terrey and 'Bloodshot' is also worthwhile. But the bulk of the material is musically not interesting enough to last, so as a not sharp listener you have the feeling that you are constantly listening to the same song. And that cannot be the intention. Yes, nice all those references to Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson and Gus van Sant, but I think they do not make music, now do they?

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