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Holophonics - Fast Forward

Holophonics - Fast Forward

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : For a solid rock album also sounds quite catchy Holophonics would be your choice this month. 'Fast Forward' is their third album and you can clearly hear that they already have a lot of experience. Singer Steph Picot has a pleasant voice. Musically you hear songs that work well together and where the two guitar players complete each other perfectly. Still, the band has written a lot of stuff about negative feelings and experiences. They obviously found their inspiration in themes as death, disease and psychological illness. All those negative feelings are expressed in emotionally played rock songs. Just listen to 'Last Breathing' or 'Fast Forward (And No Rewind)’. The latter was released as a video and is an excellent acquaintance with the band. Especially the versatile vocals show what this band has in its power. If this was an American band, we would certainly have heard of it already. Yet you should not regard their French roots as a restriction. With an album like 'Fast Forward' you cannot go wrong.

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