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Frozen Crown - The Fallen King

Frozen Crown - The Fallen King

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Power metal fans, drop whatever you were doing because you do not want to miss this! Frozen Crown is a young band from Italy, consisting of five high-level musicians. The result of their combined efforts is ‘The Fallen King’, by far the best debut album in the Italian power metal since times!

With ‘Fail No More’ the album is opened with an insane pace. Immediately striking is the tight guitar riffing of very young talent Talia Bellazecca, only seventeen years young and she pours out one insane riff after the other. Immediately the spotlights pass on to singing duo Federico (also keys and guitar) and miss Giada "Jade" Etro, perhaps better known from backing vocals with Elvenking and also her work for Ashes You Leave. Despite the symphonic nature of the music there is enough space for guitars and that is one heck of a good thing, because next to good riffing, Talia is also an outstanding solo lady. ‘to Infinity’ is a tad slower and leaves more room for Giada to shine. ‘Kings’ is written more around the guitar lines. The chorus will stick immediately and also the amazing bridge by Talia is memorable, we will hear much more of this young lady later on for sure! ‘I Am The Tyrant’ has the rolling vibe of Grand Magus in the chorus, also here grunts are introduced giving the music an additional layer.

The longest song and also the single of the album is ‘The Shieldmaiden’. Opening with a soaring double bass drum the song grabs you and sucks you into six minutes of pure power metal perfection. Alternating grunts and the clean vocals of Giada, supported by ever pounding drums and thundering bass make it impossible to not be impressed by this band. The best of an unlikely combination of Ancient Bards and Wintersun is creating a bright-shining alloy. By the end, the pace is lessened to allow Talia to showcase her abilities, before letting the song end with a lightning-speed climax. This little jewel is obligatory listening material for any true power metal fan, so do watch that lyric video below!

The ballad ‘Chasing Lights’ is a fine breather after all this violence. Even Frozen Crown does not escape the cliché of ballads being the weak spot of many a power metal band, in this case because the slower singing makes the annoying Italian accent more prominent. ‘Queen Of Blades’ is another delicious guitar-driver power metal anthem, its chaotic sound is tasty. With ‘Across the Sea’ we found the more accessible song, no more grunts, the excellent keyboard tunes of Federico in a leading role and a Delain-like singing line especially in the chorus. ‘Everwinter’ and ‘Netherstorm’ close the album with more speed and especially that last one makes the album end with a bang, this is the hardest and heaviest song on the album, it even touches a melodic death metal sound.

Frozen Crown leaves an indelible impression with ‘Fallen King’, that makes your jaw drop of amazement upon the first spin, and will grow on your more and more with each repeat. Now that Rhapsody is engaged in quick money nostalgia for a while, there is room for fresh meat in the Italian power metal scene. Frozen Crown fills this void in a more than convincing way. This is Ancient Bards with burning guitars, Rhapsody on steroids, Sonata Arctica with balls, this is first class power metal. So get your hands on this thing!

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