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Don Broco - Technology

Don Broco - Technology

Label : Sharp Tone Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : For once we do not walk the road of the heavy metal, but we step in the direction of alternative pop music. Don Broco is from the English city Bedford and was formed in 2008. 'Technology' is their third album and the first one to appear after the band signed to Sharptone Records. Sharptone is a subsidiary of Nuclear Blast and is known for attracting talented bands that do not really belong among the usual metal bands that Nuclear Blast signs.

Don Broco shows a lot of potential. The band belongs to the group of modern alternative bands that make pop music with the necessary guitar work in it but that also aren’t shy away from the use of electronics. Singer Rob Damiani has an excellent set of vocal cords and that typical English accent, with which he can take on almost every register. Opener 'Technology' is a nice pop song in which regularly a solid riff returns. The choruses are simply blissful to listen to. In a song like 'Stay Ignorant' you already hear more room for electronics. The single 'T-Shirt Song' may sound somewhat cliché with its title but still, the band brings it as a solid pop song with strong vocals and a minimum of electronics. Variation and experiment is not shunned anywhere. Where you get to hear some more electronics in 'Pretty', the song will switch to a heavier guitar riff and a guitar solo that Tom Morello would be proud of. The fourteen songs sound short, catchy and are very easy listening. El Broco is clearly a band that belongs on the main stage of festivals like Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop or Pinkpop.

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