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White Boy Wasted - The Dirty South Special

White Boy Wasted - The Dirty South Special

Label : Lighttown Fidelity | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Besides Peter Pan Speedrock, the Netherlands has never really had a speedrock band. Now there is from Eindhoven White Boy Wasted who can fill the place perfectly. The band releases their debut with their album 'The Dirty South Special'. At Dynamo Metal Fest last year, the band gave an excellent energetic performance after winning the band battle as well. 'The Dirty South Special' is a mix of stoner rock, punk rock and straightforward rock 'n roll that is packaged in thirteen tracks and does not miss its effect as a musical energy drink. It is an energetic trip that lasts only 35 minutes, but will get the most lazy listener to move his ass and put a smile on the face of an obstinate chagrin. Do not expect an Andy Sneap-like tight production, but a sound that gives the spontaneity and energy of the band a leading role. Within the short songs there is enough room for varying tempos and there is also a lot of soloing. That this is occasionally a bit messy and perhaps played at too high a speed is only a small comment about something that belongs to the genre. To say that all songs make the same impression would go too far, but every song gives you the kick in the ass to get moving. It is difficult to pick out special songs but 'Bide My Time' has a nice groove and opener 'Double Vision' is a speed monster that revives the glory days of punk rock. This is in any case a band that you should have seen at least live once and then the impact of the music will undoubtedly be even greater.

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