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Maligno - Maligno

Maligno - Maligno

Label : Headbangers Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Maligno debuted with the two track ‘First Demo-nic Manifestation’ CD / cassette in 2015. They’re all sold out now so do not bother searching for it. Both tracks (‘Iconoclast’ and ‘Golgotha’s Agony : The Death Of Christ’) are also released on the self-titled debut that recently came out through Headbangers Records om both CD and vinyl. Both are limited to 300 copies (whilst the first 100 vinyl copies come with a free patch, so better be quick or be dead because those are almost sold out).

Maligno contains members from Paraguay and Italy, all residing in Germany nowadays. I’ve been listening to the ‘Maligno’ CD a few times now and to me it sounds very underground. This is correct, all tracks were recorded in the band’s rehearsal room. If you adore blackened thrash metal with a great underground vibe, Maligno is a band you definitely should check out. The CD also contains a Sabbat (Japan) cover song ‘Satan Bless You’. Beware of the fact that more Maligno’s exist within the metal spectrum. These are the ones on the already legendary Headbangers Records!

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