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Foghat - Live At The Belly Up

Foghat - Live At The Belly Up

Label : Metalville | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : More than a year ago, a new album called 'Under The Influence' was released by the English rockers Foghat, At that moment I did not even know that the band was still playing (again)! Anyway, that was a fine, renewed acquaintance with the band around front man Charlie Huhn, the successor of the legendary Dave Peverett. Yes, I name that last one deliberately, because the bio that comes with this new release does not mention the man and I think that sucks big time. This new release, 'Live At The Belly Up', is a live recording of the band from 2016 where we also hear new songs from the earlier mentioned latest studio album 'Under The Influence'.

The album sounds good. It really breathes the atmosphere of a live album and that is so enjoyable. As if you are there yourself, without any frills. As a live album should always sound as far as I am concerned. The band is in good shape; Huhn has a good voice and Bryan Bassett strikes with delicious guitar solos ('Under The Influence') and the rhythm section Roger Earl and Rodney O'Quinn take care of a great foundation. Oldies like the obligatory 'Fool For The City' and of course 'Slow Ride' (nice long version) musically go hand in hand with more recent tracks like 'Hot Mama'. Fine, unpretentious (heavy) rock from a band that has already earned its stripes.

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