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Snakeyes - Metal Monster

Snakeyes - Metal Monster

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Snakeyes, because of the spelling an original band name. Without further info, a CD sometimes drops on the doormat, which is then played with some kind of expectation. Snakeyes exceeds expectations with their latest album 'Metal Monster'. This Spanish band was not featured earlier on our beloved website. It is the second album of these men who have also released a number of EP's. Everything is done in-house. The recordings took place in the Area 51 studio of bassist and head composer Jose Pineda. He is responsible for all tracks together with singer Cosmin Aionita. The outstanding guitarist Justi Bala contributed to two songs. In order to have mentioned everyone, on drums we find Carlos Delgado.

It is all heavy metal on 'Metal Monster'. So much is clear when opener 'Into The Unknown' blows out of your speakers. Singer Cosmin is a mix between Rob Halford and Ralf Scheepers and knows how to hit the right notes. The majority of the songs is at a decent speed with a prominent role for the double bass drums. The songs are also full of twin guitar parts and very tasteful guitar solos. Bassist Jose has given the music a truly fantastic transparent sound in which all instruments can be heard. I wonder how they will reproduce this live with only one guitarist in the ranks but that is for later care. Outstanding tracks on this album are the title track, the fierce 'Cyberkiller', 'Sign Of Death' with beautiful orchestral part and the closing 'Rise Up (The Red Plague)'. The latter is reminiscent of Iron Maiden. Conclusion is that Snakeyes delivers a great heavy metal record with 'Metal Monster'. The CD can be ordered via the website of the band and can be found digitally on Spotify, among others. Absolutely recommended.

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