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Moonshine Oversight - Vanishing Lines

Moonshine Oversight - Vanishing Lines

Label : Dooweet | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Moonshine Oversight from France brings us their debut album 'Vanishing Lines'. Looking at the song titles and lyrics (a thing I always do when I first listen to an album) I can't help but get the impression that I'm dealing with a band that doesn't yet have a whole lot of experience in writing. I don't say that as a bad thing, often this means there's plenty of imagination incorporated into the lyrics and on 'Vanishing Lines' this is certainly the case, but there are also songs with a meaning there. After listening to it a first time I'm not really impressed yet and I'm thinking: 'Mwah...' But I know, as I expect you do as well, that it's quite common that a first spin doesn't really leave a big impression, so I put away the booklet and press play again.

Immediately it's different: more comfortable, more natural and the vague influence of other bands starts to become evident. I use the term vague because it doesn't sound at all like it's done intentional, as if they want to imitate. On the contrary, even though here and there it reminds me of other bands, Moonshine Oversight sounds quite unique. Regarding this I especially like the song 'Young Man', the beginning of which reminds me of certain Bon Jovi ballads, but which soon transforms into its own song, with great vocal harmonies. These harmonies are present in most of the songs, just like the often almost haunting guitar parts. The album shows a good mix of easy build-up to the heavier parts and songs that immediately start out as solid rock tracks. There is not one moment that I get the feeling the music is getting boring, not even on the almost ten minute long epic 'Beyond The Stars'. Lengthy songs are often a challenge, but Moonshine Oversight does a really good job.

All in all, after a couple of spins I start hearing a group of guys that is really fond of playing the music they've made and this enthusiasm is quite contagious. Mostly this becomes evident in the number of times I hit the volume button (up!). I'm especially impressed by the song 'Feel', which the band has also chosen to put on YouTube. A sensitive song with a perfect, acoustic build-up to a smashing climax. A textbook example of how to write a great song. A great debut abum!

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