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Deconstructing Sequence - Cosmis Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space

Deconstructing Sequence - Cosmis Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Before I write any further I will wait until the smoke that's been coming out of my ears disperses. It's quite a heavy ride that Deconstructing Sequence takes us on with their first long-player. After two EP's (2013's 'The Journey' and 2014's 'Access Code') it's time for 'Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space', and this title is perfect for what awaits the unwary listener when he plays this record. A mysterious journey through the unexplored corners of deep, dark space. The thought alone brings shivers to my spine and Deconstructing Sequence provides the ideal soundtrack for this expedition.

For a long time 'Panzer Division Marduk' has been my personal standard when it comes to fast drumming. On this album, drummer J. Nerexo manages to top that (sometimes digitally?) and this will be the basis for most of the songs. What else is added to the mix is hard to capture with a single label but I think industrial and experimental (avant-garde) do a pretty good job at that. And it has to be just that when you're dealing with an album inspired by space, in its infinity and mystery. For these kind of unknown regions there's a myriad of weird and unexpected sounds that are waiting to be used, and using those is exactly what this band does. So, next to the solid and often fast guitar, bass and drums we can enjoy synthesizer and computer generated sounds that at certain moments create a chaotic wall of noise and at other moments manage to let you slip into a comfortable, hypnotic atmosphere, like drifting weightlessly past black holes and sleeping, Cthulu-like giants floating among the stars. The vocals are used at the right times (when they really add something to the song) and in the right ways (clean story-telling here, dark growls there).

'The Battle For Matter Begins' is mentioned in one of the last songs and to be quite honest I do hope that this is just the start of what this band has to say, because a continuation of this space metal surely has to happen.

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