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Confession By Silence - Reach The Surface

Confession By Silence - Reach The Surface

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : I really wonder why the North-German melodic death metal band Confession By Silence has not been signed to a label yet. On their debut album ‘Face The End In the Mirror’ from 2013 the band already proved that they were able to write more than decent songs, but due to a weak production the debut album did not get the attention the songs deserved. On the following 4-track EP ‘A Better Day To Die’ from 2014 the band clearly showed they had progressed as a band and the four songs received a better sounding production as well. Now, four years later, the band releases ‘Reach The Surface’, their second and best album to date, proving to be a true force to be reckoned with. If you ask me it is only a matter of time until a label picks this band up.

Confession By Silence plays melodic death metal with a slight progressive undertone and a nod to genre fellows Children of Bodom and Dark Tranquility. Especially the music of the Finish band has left their marks in CBS’s music. The virtuous guitar play of the tandem Clemens Burmeister and Peter Jestrimski which is filled with finger licking solo’s, the atmospheric and melodic keyboard parts of Paul Thiess, the tight drumming of Ben Ramirez and convincing death metal grunts from Steffen Falk, that are powerful and understandable, all of these ingredients make ‘Reach The Surface’ a fascinating album to listen to with lots of infectious melodies, powerful riffs and catchy tunes. A real fun album to listen to and even the Salsa experiment in the title songs works out really fine. I never heard this combination of Latin and Metal, but it seems to work well (for this one time).

Besides the very convincing compositions, for which Clemens Burmeister takes all the credit, the album is blessed with a great production that was taken care of by the band themselves as well, from recording to mixing and mastering. Only the cover artwork was designed by a third party (Ani Artworks). I have to give these guys credit, ‘Reach The Surface’ is a great album, with excellent compositions, full sounding and with great looking artwork, a complete package that the band can be truly proud of. I wish more bands were like Confession by Silence. So, who dares to sign this band?

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