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Cane Hill - Too Far Gone

Cane Hill - Too Far Gone

Label : Rise Records | Archive under nu metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : A year and a half after their full length debut 'Smile', the gentlemen of Cane Hill present to us their follow-up album 'Too Far Gone', ten angry, sometimes sensitive songs of which the band says they are the culmination of their own pain, anger and hurt. Every song, based on one or more of these emotions, is a story.

And those emotions are easily noticeable. As well in the titles of the songs ('Scumbag Fix', 'Fucking Hateful') and the lyrics as the music and vocals. The instruments keep pumping full speed throughout the album, supported by singer Elijah Witt's versatile throat. Versatile because now he's raging like a madman and then he's convincing us with more conventional means of singing. A very nice voice to listen to. I am reminded a lot of Korn when listening to this album, although I must say Cane Hill's sound is definitely more flowing, varied and natural. I would say this is a nice mix of the various 90's nu metal bands. So, if that's your cup of tea this album is certainly worth listening to, a good way to get rid of all that bottled up anger. In general though I think 'Too Far Gone' doesn't add anything new to what's already available in metal-world.

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