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Faal - Desolate Grief

Faal - Desolate Grief

Label : Van Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : The previous album by Dutch band Faal dates back to 2012. All right, they did release a split EP with England’s Eye Of Solitude in 2015. Still we had to wait a bit for this third album. There are some pretty good reasons though. Besides guitarist, founding member and main composer Pascal and vocalist William there’s not much left of the line-up that recorded ‘The Clouds Are Burning’. It’s striking that Faal’s unique sound stayed intact on ‘Desolate Grief’.

Next to an intro this album contains four songs that deliver heavy doom metal with melodies referring to indie/post-rock. Together with the deep grunt of William this results in a great sounding release. Talking about the sound we can’t forget guitarist Gerben. Faal recorded ‘Desolate Grief’ in his Double Noise Studios with him behind the helm. There’s plenty to hear when it comes to the compositions. Next to the aforementioned heavy riffs and beautiful melodies there’s some changes in pace too. Just listen to the acceleration in the song ‘No Silence’ for instance. Simply awesome the way things speed up there.

We can conclude that Faal recorded a very strong album on which we don’t hear a change of direction, but a band with an own face. To me that is the most important fact. When the fantastic guitar melody in the closing ‘The Horizon’ fades away I can only think of one thing: I want to hear more!

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