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Vecordious - Anthropogenic Deterioration

Vecordious - Anthropogenic Deterioration

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The line between black metal and death metal is increasingly being blurred nowadays. Many bands balance on that thin line and the good bands deliver a product that is right in the middle between the two genres, creating an ideal mix. A new band that takes this difficult and dangerous road is Vecordious from Norway. With the catchy title 'Anthropogenic Deterioration' they throw their debut album on the market, completely recorded and released by themselves, with a little help from the professor of extreme music, Dan Swano.

Sound-wise this means everything is topnotch and that helps absolutely to get to know this album. The hand of Swano is especially recognizable in the melodic guitar solos that run through almost every song. The fast tempo's and the high, somewhat screaming vocals of black metal combined with the drum and guitar work of death metal make it an excellent album. If you want a guide while listening, think of Immolation, Edge Of Sanity or Dimmu Borigr without that mountain of keyboards. Both the guitar riffs and the drumwork try to evoke some physical reaction with you, together they lead the charge on your underbelly again and again. Although this is a nice album, it lacks just that one stunner that takes the album to a higher level. Now the album may not stand out among the other great releases this month, but nonetheless this is a powerful statement from the band.

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