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Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - The Age Of Absurdity

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - The Age Of Absurdity

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : On the 28th of December 2015, Motörhead came to an end. Lemmy died on that day due to the consequences of cancer, which had only become known a few days before his death. Where drummer Mikkey Dee soon found a place at the Scorpions, it stayed a bit longer quiet around Phil Campbell until he stood at Wacken with his new band Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons. Besides his three sons, Todd, Dane and Tyla, the band also consists of vocalist Neil Starr. In December 2016, the self-titled debut EP was released and now the entire first CD, called 'The Age Of Absurdity', follows. Eleven songs are on this disk and they are all bangers. So far the conclusion of this record.

First single 'Ringleader' immediately opens the album very strong and makes it clear that we do not have to expect that Phil and his sons to do anything completely different than just playing pure rock and roll. However, it has become absolutely no Motörhead clone that we hear. Of course that is not possible without the characteristic bass and voice of Lemmy. Neil Starr is also more a singer in comparison with Lemmy, where Mr. Kilmister was known for what we should call his unique sound. The songs on this album, unlike Motörhead, are also a bit more polished without being smooth. It just is dirty rock and roll with some metal and blues influences. Yet one sometimes recognizes those typical Motörhead riffs. 'Gypsy Kiss' is such an example. All songs on this album, however, do swing. Sitting still will then also be a big task when listening to this album. Outstanding tracks on the record are the blues minded 'Dark Days' complete with mouth harmonica and the closing 'Into The Dark'. On these songs the tempo is less high and both are among the highlights on this album.

Having said that, after listening to this album one can only aye that there are only highlights on the album and that there is a musical life for Phil Campbell after the death of his friend and band mate with whom he made the world unsafe for over thirty years. He does, together with his sons, something he can do terribly well on this record. He plays super cool rock and roll. Let's hope that there are more albums to follow but this 'Age Of Absurdity' cannot be taken away from the world anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, and they play rock and roll!

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