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Justify Rebellion - Unleashing The Beast

Justify Rebellion - Unleashing The Beast

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The debut album of Justify Rebellion mixes the pumping riffs of country sakes Volbeat with the more aggressive sounds of old-fashioned thrash. The result is ‘Unleashing The Beast’, a very decent debut album that might appeal to a broad audience in the metal scene. After the long intro ‘Beast’, ‘The Bloodcurdling Wail’ gives us a good impression of the qualities of this band. The guitar work is extremely catchy and the aggressive shouting vocals give balls to the music. ’Devil’s Bride’ features a slightly different guitar sound and makes a welcome change with it. The weakest link in the music is the drums, that are quite a lot of the same and kind of kill the speed in the faster songs like ‘Fight Bleed Kill’. The strongest songs are therefore the mid-tempo anthems like ‘Get Away’ and the afore mentioned ‘Devil’s Bride’. ‘Unleashing the Beast’ will not break much ground for Justify Rebellion, but it still is an enjoyable album.

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