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Juggernaut - Out Of The Ashes

Juggernaut - Out Of The Ashes

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : The first album by Juggernaut, Daniel Millán's (ex-Gauntlet) new band is quite a nice record for a "first one". It's not always easy to fit metalbands into one of the many interesting styles, and this one was no exception, especially because there's a lot of different styles in there and the vocals are used in many ways - some of them better than others. In the end I think power metal is the best label to give to Juggernaut. Also because of the themes that you see emerging in this genre all the time. I mean: 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Dust To Dust' and 'Cry Of Rage', for instance.

These themes are one of the things that define the genre, so there's nothing wrong with that. Juggernaut delivers the songs with a sense of flair and a healthy dose of noise! This sounding like a mix of different bands is exactly what makes it Juggernaut's own sound, but in a totally different way than for example Gamma Ray does, which is more often than not tongue-in-cheek imitation. Daniel Millán is not a newcomer in the world of music, but his voice isn't strong and defining all the time. There is a certain way that non-native speakers tend to sing when they sing in the English language, and this guy does that about 75% of the time; this makes the music a little less interesting because it makes it sound more generic. The other 25% of the time his voice sounds amazing (a little threatening), and I hope he continues to do that a lot more on successive albums. Combined with the music this would make for some very awesome records.

'Out Of The Ashes' concludes with metal classis 'Jawbreaker', a (do I need to say this?) Judas Priest cover. I know to some people covers are an abomination, I can understand that, but if you see this as a tribute to one of the greatest bands of metal it is sure to bring a smile to your face. Also because it's not a bad cover at all.

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