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Inquisitor - Stigmata Me, I’m In Misery

Inquisitor - Stigmata Me, I’m In Misery

Label : Hammerheart Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ren� : This is what thrash metal fans (and me too) have been waiting for the last 22 years. Finally there is the successor of this band's debut album 'Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust' from 1996. Last year we saw the release of a single with one of the tracks of this album ('I Am Sick, I Must Die') and now we have a complete album full of brutal, superfast, blood clotting and all-consuming thrash metal without mercy. This with a screeching vocalist that will certainly get on the right nerves. The perfect soundtrack for a heart attack and certainly one of the most extreme thrash metal records from Dutch soil of lately. This can be named in one breath with other Dutch bands like Dead Head and Disabuse that recently blew me away. I'm not gonna go over every individual track and I'm not gonna take too much of your reading time, this is just the shit! For fans of the bands mentioned and other bands like Sadus or Dark Angel can get this without hesitation.

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