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Grethor - Damnatio Memorae

Grethor - Damnatio Memorae

Label : Edgewood Arsenal Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Grethor is a black metal band from Virginia in America. Their black metal is quirky, as it tends to be in the United States (for example, Panopticon mixes bluegrass with thei black metal). There is clearly chaos, which is absolutely consciously added to the songs, because the subject of the lyrics demands it. 'The Last Manifesto', for example, revolves around racial hatred that did come to light in Charlottesville not too long ago and which resulted in riots breaking out. The band turns against fascists and Nazis and the music is a perfect representation of the anger aimed towards these people. The whole album consists of songs that are a mixture of various extreme styles, including of course black metal and death metal, but it is not one of those styles that stands out. It's all about the bigger picture and that picture revolves around songs that are both lyrically and musically in the present with both feet and exactly represent the emotions that prevail in society. 'Embracing Oblivion' is another song that is characterized by riffs swarming through the song, drums that you feel up to in your gut and vocals that are brought with an unprecedented aggression, diversity and especially emotion. 'Damnatio Memoriae', which means something like 'doomed to forget', is not an easy album, but a must for those who love extreme metal.

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