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Walking Papers - WP2

Walking Papers - WP2

Label : Loud & Proud | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : It has lasted no less than four years, but now there is finally a second album from Walking Papers, the star ensemble from Seattle. After all, drummer Barret Martin (Screaming Trees) is in the lineup, Duff McKagan is on the bass and Jefferson Angell on vocals. I already knew the latter from the first album of Walking Papers, but also from his project 'Staticland' where in the bio nothing is said about it (why not for godsake). In the bio the band 'The Missionary Position' is mentioned, which does not tell me anything. Anyway, I had not counted on a follow-up, so I am pleasantly surprised by this.

And it is pleasant because the music of Walking Papers is just great. Of course we hear the origin of the gentlemen in the form of that typical Seattle-grunge rock. But it is also something else. It is less 'lazy' and laid back than on the debut, it rocks a bit more this time. The voice of Angell remains the dominant factor. The man has a great voice that is both powerful and flexible. At times he does sound like Bono ('Red & White', 'Somebody Else') and also the music occasionally goes to rock/pop. I also hear influences from The Doors in the instruments and arrangements that the gentlemen use. There are 13 fairly short, pointed rock songs on this CD that listens just wonderfully. The best song is the (by far) longest song 'King Hooker' that has a great structure and in which all instruments excel. If you like quality music, you are at the right place at Walking Papers.

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