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The Tracy G Group - Tramp

The Tracy G Group - Tramp

Label : Sonic Night Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Tracy G became instantly famous when he joined the Ronnie James Dio band in the nineties. His guitar playing can be heard on 'Strange Highways' from 1993 and 'Angry Machines' from 1996 and on two live albums from the little man with the big voice. In 1999 Tracy G left Dio and has since then worked as a producer and recorded a couple of solo albums. 'Tramp' is the fourth full length album from The Tracy G Group, which was released in October of this year through the label Sonic Night Music Club. The line-up of The Tracy G Group is furthermore completed by Ynwie Malmsteen drummer Patrick Johansson, singer Michael Beatty and bassist Randy Oviedo. On four of the tracks Korn drummer Ray Luzier is also playing.

'Tramp' contains thirteen compositions, of which four are instrumental. Musically, on this album you will find different styles, from heavy metal to funk, blues and ballads and to me it doesn’t sound like a coherent album at all. It sounds like the former guitar hero has gathered all his different ideas and put them out as a hobby project. Here and there you’ll hear some nice ideas, like the instrumental song 'Erector' which has a very powerful groove. Michael Beatty is not the most talented singer and actually I prefer the instrumental songs above the songs with vocals. I am not sure who is really waiting for this release? I mean, it is great to see that Tracy G has found a hobby after his great career with Dio, but more than that I don’t want to call this release at all.

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