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The Black Marbles - Moving Mountain

The Black Marbles - Moving Mountain

Label : Ophelia Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Demo

Wim S. : The Black Marbles. A band from Sweden. With a very nice front woman in Marica Svensson. And I mean that both in terms of presentation as in terms of vocal abilities. Well, I'm not going to be able to write an entire review about The Black Marbles without dropping the name of Blues Pills, so I'll do that right away. Because there are clearly similarities: a four-man formation with a dominant front woman and the same mixture of music: blues and (hard)rock.

But there is also a big difference between both bands. Where Blues Pills has dropped to a questionable level (mainly because of the concessions that the band did while recording their albums) we hear an enthusiastic, fresh band with The Black Marbles, who are not afraid to really rock or to really go a bit beserk. Look, Rickard Lindberg clearly does not have the technical capabilities of Dorian Sorriaux; but he obviously is not afraid to let us hear his guitar, much more than the gifted guitarist of Blues Pills. As said: Marica has a dominant personality and voice. With that powerful voice she pulls all - relatively simple - songs directly to her. And there is nothing wrong with that: someone will have to pull the cart. There are only seven tracks on this disc so this is actually a mini-CD. My favorite track is the acoustic 'Fallen' in which we also hear for the first time - in a charming way - that Svensson sings with a slight accent. Beautiful, country-like song. But the following 'Nite Of The Tiger' - with again an excellent Svensson - is also very nice. Very small but still so powerful. Excellent album!

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