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Still Living - Ymmij

Still Living - Ymmij

Label : Rock Company | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Easy listening melodic rock, that is what the Brazilian outfit Still Living is bringing us and they do that already from 2004 onwards, which was the year that the band was founded. In their already quite long career they have released two demos (‘Still Living’ from 2005 and ‘Believe’ from 2007) and two full-length albums (‘From Now On’ from 2012 and ‘Humanity’ from 2015), which is now followed by their meanwhile third album ‘Ymmij’ (which backwards written means ‘Jimmy’, which is the main character of this concept album).

You can clearly hear that the band has a lot of experience, because both in the song writing department as well as in the execution of the material they have their things in order. The disadvantage of a concept album is that often intros and spoken pieces are used to tie the story together and that also done here which sometimes goes at the expense of the continuity of the record. Still Living has a good singer in Renato Costa, whose English however is not totally accent-free. The somewhat faster tunes like ‘On The Edge’ and ‘Call Of The Night’ are most to my liking, but in general the whole album is worthwhile listening to. Don’t expect a world-class release, but a very decent melodic rock album with good guitar work and vocals (although you will have to be capable to listen through the accent of Renato). Nice album, nothing more and nothing less.

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