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Seventh Genocide - Toward Akina

Seventh Genocide - Toward Akina

Label : Third I Rex | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Italy and black metal, I always have some reservations about that combo. Looking at 'Toward Akina' from Seventh Genocide is no different. The artwork is relatively abstract and the band logo is unreadable. If you read a description like “An introspective journey through death and the realms of non-physical existence, with the intention to express the depth of human consciousness across a huge variety of musical influences. From Dark atmospheric black metal landscapes to trippy psychedelic and ambient layers”, you really fear for the worst.

Unnecessary fear, because joy replaces that fear while listening to this beautiful piece of music. Atmospheric black metal is alternated with post black, aggressive outbreaks fade into dreamy acoustic parts, clean vocals turn into melancholy screams and vice versa and all that in the middle of nicely written compositions. Those who think the new Wolves In The Throne Room is the max, just need to listen to 'Toward Akina'!

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