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Ruxt - Runing Out Of Time

Ruxt - Runing Out Of Time

Label : Diamonds Prod | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : This is the second album from Ruxt. The band hails from Genoa, Italy and made their debut in 2016 with their first album ‘Behind The Masquerade’. For this second album ‘Running Out Of Time’ all songs were penned by guitarist Stefano Galleano. The more then nice production was handled by Pier Gonella and bass player Steve Vawamas. The influences (Dio, Whitesnake and Jorn) mentioned by the band themselves can be heard clearly throughout their songs. Besides taking care of the vocal duties in Ruxt, singer Matt Bernardi is also the vocalist of cover band Purplesnake. Bernardi has a strong voice but does not directly remind you of Whitesnake or Deep Purple. No problem, as uniqueness in a voice always brings something extra.

After the strong opening in the form of the title track and second song ‘Legacy’, the third song ‘In The Name Of Freedom’ is the first real highlight. After a nice intro the song really drags you in with its heavy and slow pace. The guitarwork in this one is excellent too; nice. Everytime, Everywhere’ (for which the band shot a video), with a bit more prominent keyboard parts sound a bit more commercial. ‘Leap In The Dark’ is another strong track where Bernardi’s vocals really shine. The keyboards are adding just that little extra tot this great song. All in all, this is quite a strong and consistent album. The Italian rock scene really exploded the last years, but not all bands bring home the goods throughout a whole album. But Ruxt succeeds to do this with ‘Running Out Of Time’. If there was any doubt left, it is blown away with ‘Queen Of The World’. This song somehow reminds me of Crimson Glory. Ballad ‘Heaven And Hell’ closes the album nicely.

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