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Row Of Ashes - Let The Long Night Fade

Row Of Ashes - Let The Long Night Fade

Label : The Braves Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Row Of Ashes is a new British band that does not limit itself in terms of creativity. Their music on the debut 'Let The Long Night Fade' is difficult to categorize, or not at all. Chaos and fragility go together here, but it is not a marriage without problems if we can believe the complaining, sometimes shrieking, vocals. Often the instrumentation is fragile and the vocals are hysterical and vice versa. Sometimes both are on the same wavelength, as in 'Gravesend', which then produces a beautiful, melancholic whole, even if it ends up in tormented vocals by Eliza Gregory. Emotion is central to this album, although the balance is leaning towards the darker side. Somewhere on the album it is stated that chasing after your dreams does not make sense, because it only ends in disappointments. Not really a positive thought, but also the less cheerful feelings have to have an outlet and Row Of Ashes knows how to do this perfectly. 'Let The Long Night Fade' is not an album that you put on for fun and is certainly not background music, but it requires a certain dedication from the listener, because your deepest emotions can be tapped without even knowing it.

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