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Revolting - Monolith Of Madness

Revolting - Monolith Of Madness

Label : F.D.A. Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : It was about time. I mean, it has been three years since ‘Visages Of The Unspeakable’ (2015) was released, which itself was released three years after ’Hymns Of Ghastly Horror’ (2012). In years between 2009-2011, Revolting even release dan album a year on average (among those the somewhat disappointing ’In Grisly Rapture’. So, anyway, yeah, three years, about time! If you do not know Revolting yet: the band are one of the many, many bands/projects in which OSDM centipede Rogga Johansson (Demiurg, Paganizer, Ribspreader, and many others) is involved and the band are now releasing their sixth full-length.

If you expect ‘Monolith Of Madness’ to have a wildly different musical course, you haven’t been paying much attention (since the early nineties). The theme of the album perhaps has “changed” the most: instead of the entire, rather wide spectrum of (oldschool) horror, ‘Monolith Of Madness’ focuses on the Chtulhu mythos and witchcraft – or a pairing of those two, if you look at the artwork. Musically, it still is the typical blend of stampeding, driven, rocking, swinging, grooving, buzz-sawing-yet-melodic-and-catchy Rogga’n’roll OSDM. On some albums, this formula misses a certain spark and falls short (‘In Grisly Rapture’, to name one), on others, it just works like a charm (Bloodbath’s debut EP ‘Breeding Death’) – and you know what: this one is one in the latter category. It just works. Oldschool catchy, with a great balance between grooving, heavy midpace sawing, churning and accelerating bits, neat breaks, pushing and punishing drums and neck breaking riffs. Good stuff! Recommended for fans of Bloodbath, Ribspreader, Entombed, Edge Of Sanity.

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