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Revenge - Spitting Fire

Revenge - Spitting Fire

Label : Iron Shield Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Yesss! Almost four years after the magnificent ’Harder Than Steel’ Colombian metal commando Revenge strikes again with a full-length effort. In the meantime the band has released an EP and a split with Bloody Nightmare, but that aside. During its fifteen-year career Revenge has never wandered off its traditional heavy/speed metal path, and as far as I’m concerned have always delivered good work. The seventh LP, ‘Spitting Fire’, therefore is exactly what one may expect from these maniacs: unadulterated and deeply in the 80s rooted heavy/speed metal. If you are not yet familiar with this band, you can think in the direction of old Living Death, Iron Angel, Abattoir, Running Wild, Violent Force, Hallows Eve, Exciter, Rigor Mortis and countless similar acts. Nothing new or shocking, but simply a half-hour of pure METAL with damn cool and highly catchy riffs en catchy (NWOBHM-)melodies that take you back to the glory days. In short: if you’re looking for something modern, new or original, you should stay away from this band. But if you – like yours truly – are under the spell of old, traditional heavy and speed metal, then you’ve definitely come to the right place and can purchase this ‘Spitting Fire’ without a second thought.

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