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Pimeydentuoja - Hellcrowned

Pimeydentuoja - Hellcrowned

Label : Satanath Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Pimeydentuoja from Finland brings us death and destruction since 2009 in the shape of demonic black/death metal in which especially the Christians have to pay for it. ‘Hellcrowned’ is the second album by this bestial horde and they spoil us this time once again with an uncomplicated pile of blackened tunes. Everything is going fast, hard and is relentlessly raw. Pimeydentuoja means as much as 'bringer of darkness' and bringing darkness is what they do with great pleasure. With ten tracks within thirty minutes 'Hellcrowned' is a compact album with short and powerful songs. Here no complicated compositions or excessive technicality, only raw aggression.

Besides all that dark violence, there is also a clear punk vibe in songs like 'Hellcrowned' and ‘Sadist Ritual’, which is good for the songs themselves, but not for the album as a whole. A song like 'The Malignant Heretic Prophecy' on the other hand, has a much more heavy atmosphere with its slower passages. In some songs they used a short intro to evoke a certain atmosphere and that is quite appropriate in most cases. Pimeydentuoja does its name justice and if you think this album would be a nice complement for your collection, be sure to listen to their debut 'The Devil's Epoch' too.

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