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Cult Of The Horns - Chapter 1 - Domination

Cult Of The Horns - Chapter 1 - Domination

Label : Symbol Of Domination | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Cult Of The Horns is a one man army from Bordeaux, France that exists since 2013 and has so far released ‘Hatred And Desecration’ (demo, 2014) and a split CD with Goatvermin the same year. Mephisto plays all instruments and vocals on the ‘Chapter 1 – Domination’ CD. In a live setting, he just hires other musicians to join him on stage. The CD was released by Symbol Of Domination Records in cooperation with Satanath Records and Ira Militias Productions.

All of the above is available through Cult Of The Horns’ Bandcamp page and well you won’t buy a cat in a bag with this band. Mephisto / COTH plays high density black metal with some death metal elements. This is music with mighty fast riffing that can portray evil- and grimness beyond your imagination. I quite enjoyed this album of which I hope it will be out vinyl as well. Now let me order Cult Of The Horns’ back catalogue a.s.a.p. because I’m longing for more unattractiveness.

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