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Opposing Motion - Inertia

Opposing Motion - Inertia

Label : Lion Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : In 2013 the first record of the British outfit Opposing Motion was released under the name ‘Laws Of Motion’. Former colleague Winston was very enthusiastic about that album and even rated it with 87/100. Honestly, my expectations were very high, also because the album cover looked promising (I know, this doesn’t say anything, really). Because of this, it was quite a disappointment when I listened to the new album of the band.

‘Inertia’ continues on the same path of its predecessor, so no big surprises there, but it shows very clearly how opinions can vary between people. The album is a mixture of progressive metal and power metal, think Kamelot meets Symphony X. Unfortunately the group isn’t able to reach the same heights of those bands, musically it’s quite alright but nothing more than that. The songs aren’t that original, it sounds like something I’ve heard before. I particularly don’t love the vocals from Ludovic Desa, he’s a decent vocalist but they just don’t work well on the album. Because of this It’s too hard to really get into the album. Instrumentally things are much better but, again, they’re just not as good as the better bands in the scene. This makes the instrumental parts less interesting to listen to. Luckily the production is much better than their previous work but it can’t turn the album into something more special.

I must conclude that it’s a pretty decent album and I would definitely like to see them supporting some of my favorite progressive metal bands, but not as a headliner. Maybe it would’ve been amazing with a singer like Russel Allen (Symphony X) but, honestly, I’d doubt it. Too bad, but like I said, my opinion might be different form yours.

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