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Moribundo - Raiz Amarga

Moribundo - Raiz Amarga

Label : Satanath Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : An all-Spanish sung death doom album. That’s a first for me, I think. But with a grunt such as the one employed by Luis it could even have been Chinese. It’s all Greek to me. The man possesses a heavy undecipherable one. Musically it is also heavy, so not the polished kind you get from most death domo bands from a country such as Russia. Moribundo has clearly not forgot about the death in death doom. It seems like that I can hear some female clean vocals far in the background. However, the colouring of the CD booklet is done in such a way and I am of such an age that I cannot decipher anything about the how and when and where. For now I will stick to the clean vocals being female and not that of a choir boy. ‘Raiz Amarga’ is an album that makes me long for more. Every death doom fan should check it out.

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