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Khatano / Kundorez - Czech Madness

Khatano / Kundorez - Czech Madness

Label : Symbol Of Domination | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Split cd

Koen B. : ‘Czech Madness’ is a split CD by (eight tracks) and Kundořez (eight tracks plus in- and outro). This one was released by Symbol Of Domination. Khatano was born in 2012 and contains (ex-) members from bands such as Pathologist, Purulent Spermcanal and BloodyObsession. They released the ‘Against This System’ demo in 2013. Kundořez is a studio project of which more information is required. I have been searching the net for a while, but couldn’t find much about this one

The Khatano songs are a bit boring if you ask me. All songs tend to sound the same, the sound is sub-optimal and the musical direction is hard to understand for me. If you play grindcore, grind over the top instead of doing it in a marginal way. With such references to ex-bands, I expected more from Khatano. Kundořez is more of my liking and they just made my day with songs such as ‘Mrdak Menzessni’ or ‘Manzelska Krizze’. You don’t understand a fuck of what these guys are trying to say, but that’s just the charm of it. Grindcore fans definitely should own this one.

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