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An Evening with Knives  - Serrated

An Evening with Knives - Serrated

Label : Argonauta Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Hypnotic, focused and incredibly powerful post-rock inspired stoner, and from Holland, too!? An Evening with Knives (you might notice the many stickers scattered around town next time you visit Tilburg) is a trio from Eindhoven that is releasing its next album ‘Serrated’ in January and it’s pretty clear these gentlemen know full well what they’re doing: focused and precise is how I would describe their modus operandi and it shows – strong hooks, an even stronger atmosphere that’s darker than what you normally hear in stoner and a vocalist with a very powerful voice.

Where opener ‘Come Undone’ paints a clear picture of what’s in store on the album, it’s songs like ‘Restless’, the Tool-like ‘Hysteria’ and the long ‘Fade Out’ with a near-constant pulse on the toms that really impress here. The production is top-notch too, adding to the atmosphere almost all the time. Don’t sleep on this record, because it’s gonna be one of the better ones our country has the privilege of exporting in January!

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