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Charnia - Het Laatste Licht

Charnia - Het Laatste Licht

Label : ConSouling Sounds | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Having heard a lot of good things about Charnia, even though I am not familiar with their previous album ‘Dageraad’… That album consisted of five song, ‘Het Laatste Licht’ consists of just one song clocking in at a little over 39 minutes. The first thing one notices is that the band manages to keep it all absorbing and that the listener doesn’t get the feeling that he/she is listening to just one song. Well done. The, in its base, post metal is well constructed and possesses quite a bit of tension. Multiple layers can be discerned. The subtle drone and ambient layers create the subcutaneous tension. It all flows organically and accents have been put in all the right places. A fine album ‘Het Laatste Licht’ is.

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