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Bucium - Miorita

Bucium - Miorita

Label : Audiosama Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : The last album I have to review this year happens to be something very special. We are dealing with the band Bucium – that is a kind of alpenhorn from the people in Romania – hailing from Bucharest with their sophomore album ‘Miorita’. We received a special edition with illustrations of 21x21 cm and a download code. For every song they have created an illustrated card with the lyrics. Everything is in Romanian language, but they really did a great job with this.

We are dealing with a five-piece band in the pagan / folk metal genre and the thirteen songs together have a length of seventy minutes. Initially, with the nine minutes long instrumental opener I think: wow, are we dealing with a band that will follow the tracks of Negura Bunget? All elements are present: grand, fluttering sounds with soaring keyboards, horn, sharp flutes, atmospheric sounds, quiescent melancholy relished by cello and finally a cheerful folk part as if birds finally have freedom from their burden. Well, it turns out differently. Although this surely is a well-crafted album, it is mainly singer-songwriter vocals with calm instrumental support that rules. It is agreeable to listen to, thus in its genre it is surely not bad, but it has nothing to do with metal in any kinds of way. It is a nice record if you like pop with a sniff of folk, now and then it reminds me of Breton folk songs, but it never gets heavier. My initial euphoria of ‘can this be the new Negura Bunget?’ (after the first song) is not making any sense. I think this band is popular in Romania, that’s all.

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