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Atrium Noctis - Aeterni

Atrium Noctis - Aeterni

Label : Sliptrick Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : German Atrium Noctis has been around for quite some time and a while ago they released their fourth studio album ‘Aeterni’. This happens to be a self-willed band, playing symphonic black metal in which the vibe of the nineties is still prominently present. It means that the material is steady and firm, but also very melodic. The band around Hydra Gorgonia adds wealthy keyboard layers to the lengthy compositions and they use all kinds of different vocal styles. Very creepy blackened screams, low-ranged guttural death growls, lovely esoteric female chants, momentous spoken passages... it is all there in songs such as ‘Datura Noir’ and ‘Zerberons Erwachen’. As you notice, all lyrics are in German language. In addition they add three shorter intermezzos, mostly inspired by classical music as moment of tranquillity and they are for the greatest part instrumental. The album has a pompous sound from time to time, with any theatrical elements, while ‘Die Nacht Des Falken’ also includes any folkloristic flavours. Here we hear – on top of the black and death vocals – any lead female vocals. Atrium Noctis remains true to the values of the nineties and that surely gives them a signature charm.

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