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Abysmal Grief - Blasphema Secta

Abysmal Grief - Blasphema Secta

Label : Terror From Hell Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Abysmal Grief is a typical exponent of Italian doom. Cheesy as fuck, theatrical, over the top and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. To be honest, I am one of those whose cup of tea it is not, especially not live. On album I manage to endure it all. ‘Blasphema Secta’ is the band’s fifth full-length studio outing. Once again it is through and through Abysmal Grief. Keyboards to the fore to make it all sound faux-evil and spooky. Unfortunately the keyboards are so heavy in the mix that most of the times it tend to make you almost burst out laughing. Musically the doom the band plays is easy on the ears without it ever getting catchy. Due to this it goes in the one ear and out the other. Capably played, nothing more, nothing less. Fans of the band can purchase ‘Blasphem Secta’ without any hesitation. People that still have to be convinced can easily pass it by.

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